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How to Treat Lower Back Pain

Are you living with low back pain? Newport Regenerative Medicine can treat lower back pain without costly surgery, prescriptions drugs and downtime.

Low back pain is a common complaint of patients, in fact in the U.S. alone over 5 million people are disabled by low back pain, with half being permanently disabled. Next to the common cold, low back pain is the second most frequently reported illness in industrialized countries.

At Newport Regenerative Medicine, we’ve been treating back pain for over 20 years.

“80 Percent of the general U.S. population will at some time suffer from lower back pain.”

In ninety percent of the cases, lower back pain is mechanical. This means pain is caused by lifting, straining, spraining, bending or overuse which results in ligament sprains, muscle pulls or disc herniations. Ligament injury is usually responsible for lower back pain, with only 4 percent of low back pain due to a herniated disc.

For a disc to herniate, a weakening of the primary ligament occurs and a deterioration of the disc. The disc height is then lessened. As the ligament that holds the disc in place weakens and becomes lax, the joint becomes unstable and is more likely to herniate.

Strong ligaments are crucial as they hold the disc in place. If the ligament weakens, the disc can move. It is usually extremely painful and acute when the initial disc herniation occurs. However, in a few days to a few weeks, most disc herniations resolve themselves. 10 percent of people go on to have chronic low back pain from disc herniations, and the condition can include muscle pain, spasms and stiffness, even pain running down the legs.

Note:  Results can vary by patient.

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