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What's Regenerative Medicine?

While regenerative medicine is not new, it is being perfected in new ways to help our bodies heal themselves.

It’s estimated that 1 in 3 people could benefit from Regenerative Medicine in their lifetime.

When injured or invaded by disease, our bodies have a natural defense mechanism and an innate response to heal. Regenerative medicine is a field of medicine that is working to restore structure and function to damaged tissues, joints and organs.

Newport Regenerative Medicine, an advocate for non-invasive and natural healing, offers the following treatments:

Benefits of Regenerative Medicine

There are a number of benefits of regenerative medicine, including:

  1. Avoids surgery
  2. Can end or minimize chronic pain
  3. Outpatient procedure
  4. Minimal downtime
  5. Lower treatment costs than surgery
  6. Naturopathic – Promotes our own bodies ability to heal
  7. No steroids or cortisone needed
  8. Non-Narcotic – minimizes or eliminates need for prescription drugs

Note:  Results can vary by patient.

There are four concentrations in the field of regenerative medicine:

  1. Cellular therapies – stimulating our bodies natural healing capabilities to repair tissues lost to trauma, disease, and wear and tear. The focus of our practice is to perform a thorough consultation and provide the options of care based on your diagnosis and findings.
  2. Tissue engineering and biomaterials – someday medicine may be able to use regenerative medicine to heal heart disease and other organs ravaged by disease
  3. Medical devices and artificial organs – this is the science of laboratory-grown organs for transplant
  4. Clinical translation – clinical research

Conditions We Treat

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